Photography is an exclusive way to capture life’s important events. Through our trained eyes, knowledge, artistic concepts and proper lens selection, we can preserve for you, these memories for generations.

While capturing the raw emotions and mood of the scene, our photographs will always reflect your individuality and personality. We also believe in creating dynamic photography sittings and all of our clients receive our highest level of attention, devotion and commitment.

We also understand how quickly life can change and we are dedicated to helping clients make lasting images of special occasions. Our top quality photographs are perfect for matting and framing. We work with our customers to help them pick out the photographs, mattes, and frames that they feel best capture those cherished moments in their lives.

We are always interested in the details about your life's special events, your vision, your colours and anything else you would like to share with us.


Our Philosophy


In every person’s life, there are moments that warrant to be preserved as memories. Photo Studio Dery celebrates these moments with a unique photographic style which is uniquely suited for your moment at hand; be it the joy of a woman during her pregnancy, the excitement at the birth of a baby or when a child reaches important milestones, such as a baptism or first birthday. There is also the pleasure in taking a family portrait, celebrating an event, remembering an anniversary or celebrating an unforgettable day. Then there’s the possibility of being the star of an intimate photo shoot in order to highlight one’s own individuality. There are many occasions that can be told with a high-quality photoshoot; all captured in either print, album or digital to enjoy time and time again. To be kept forever. Photo Studio Dery believes that an unforgettable moment deserves a lasting memory. We can make a wedding an extraordinary experience in which every moment – intimate and private or shared and collective – is captured with the great expressive power of images. Regardless of the special event at hand, each type of photoshoot deserves a unique viewpoint because every client is unique and deserves a unique photographic style.