My name is Gaetan Dery of Photo Studio Dery and I wish to welcome you to our new and enhanced website predominately specializing in the portraiture specialization in the world of photography.

Our other site will be modified to be predominately landscape in nature.

Photo Studio Dery’s vision is to create multi-discipline photographs exclusively for the discerning photo buyer in the wedding, portrait, landscape and other photography disciplines using cutting-edge “state of the art” equipment combined with the latest educational concepts.

Regardless of what your photographic needs are, all our clients receive the highest level of attention, devotion and commitment and we always present our  clients in their best light. This involves the use of corrective portraiture, positioning and choreography to accentuate the very best in each individual person and to honour the individual as well the families involved.


We will Remake or Retake or Refund any order if our client is not completely satisfied.

NOTE: We are not responsible for grooming or attire. We will do our best to recommend proper grooming and attire prior to a photo sitting.

And now for  my weekly “what Not to Say to a Professional Photographer”

“Can you take off your watermark from your posted photos, my wife wants to print them”

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