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Teaming Up With the Best Is A Force Multiplier

Being a professional photographer is a great profession. But it isn’t simply about being a photographer. All the other aspects of running a business also apply to our photography business, too. As a photographer, it’s especially advantageous for us to link up with business related enterprises that possess outstanding reputations and provide the absolute finest of services. Below, are just a few of these services with whom we at Photo Studio Dery , are proud to have formed professional business relationships.

Photography Accreditation


PPOC’s accreditation process recognizes photographers who have reached a nationally accepted standard of proficiency and knowledge in photographic arts. Photo Studio Dery is thrilled to have been judged as an accredited photographer by the Professional Photographers of Canada

In this day and age where anyone can call themselves a ‘Professional Photographer’, how can you be sure that you are hiring a professional photographer?

When you hire a PPOC Accredited Professional Photographer you can feel confident they will provide you with the skills and expertise necessary to get the job done and that you will be happy with the results. Accredited photographers possess the experience, knowledge, and equipment to provide you with a quality product.

To become “Accredited”, the Photographer must submit a set of 10 images which is then judged by a panel of qualified judges. Once successfully completed, the photographer is then recognized as a “PPOC Accredited Photographer”. To learn more about the Professional Photographers of Canada, click here

The Best Photo Albums

Photos are a precious memory that allows you to relive unique emotions over and over again. That’s why I warmly recommend enshrining them in a high-quality photo album that will preserve them for generations. As such, I highly recommend Album Epoca as they are simply the absolute best when it comes to professional and custom photo albums!

Why Album Epoca?

Album Epoca is my first choice for my clients because I care about providing you with an album that isn’t just an inanimate object, but rather a continuous reminder that allows you to cherish your most important day forever.

Album Epoca’s photo albums are characterized by a modern and contemporary design. What makes them really unique, though, is the possibility to customize every aspect of them – color, material, format, details and print. Your photo album will be perfectly compatible with your style and personality!

I also love Album Epoca’s attention to detail in order to give you a product of the highest possible quality. Their goal is to create professional photo albums that make your photographs stand out and that basically last forever. Forget about the boring and ordinary photo books that you might have seen; the professional photo albums by Album Epoca are one of a kind!

A Professional photo album for every occasion!

A custom wedding photo album is the ideal solution to create an item that matches your personality and meets your desires. However, wedding photos are not the only photographs which deserve to be kept with care! You can decide to realize a professional photo album for your engagement photoshoot, boudoir photoshoot or portrait/family photoshoot, just to name a few.

Basically, any part of your life that tells a story can be captured through a professional photo shoot and translated into a photo album.
And no one can do it better than Album Epoca! For more information about Album Epoca products, click here