“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and White, you photograph their souls!”
― Ted Grant

There was an interesting piece on B/W photography written by Headshot London Photography Studio which asked “What is it about black and white portraiture that invokes so much passion?” They made their case by stating that a B/W portrait makes that photo so much more mysterious, even in today’s digital age. They further argue that “B/W photography is seen as being creative and more artistic by conveying a more universal theme and is able to transcend generations.”

Headshot London Photography Studio further states that professionally taken B/W images will enrich and create a stronger representation of what the client really looks like.  They argue that “even in a colourful world, the B/W image can stand out from the crowd yet, beautiful and minimal images in black and white have amazing impact for their simplicity”. 

Similar to Scott Choucino, in his piece titled “Why I love Portrait Photography”, I also love portrait photography and I also am intrigued by people from all walks of life. As well, as does Scott, I also consider myself to be somewhat an introvert, which has me now wondering if this is not a common trait amongst us photographers.

So, the combination of the best attributes of B/W photography with Portrait Photography, will definitely help me capture my client’s “raison d’être”. Similar to Scott Choucino, a B/W portrait, for me, is also about capturing the inner personality, nuances and mannerisms that completes the soul of my client. And I try my damndest to bring that out in the portrait. 

Still not sure if you want a portrait session? Well, think about this; Choucino states the obvious by alluding to the fact that “as we get older, one starts to lose people who are close to you.” A chilling fact but a certainty.

A portrait session now, keeps a recording of how you are seen through the camera lens and the skills of the photographer. I also agree with Choucino that snapshots and selfies will not show your personality nearly as much as a professional portrait sitting can. This becomes your permanent visual record of your time on this earth. Wouldn’t you want it to be the best representation of you?


Why I love portrait photography – Scott Choucino

Why do we love black and white photography? | HEADSHOT LONDON

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